We’ve answered a lot of questions on water based penis pumps, and we’ve heard from men across the world that our recommendations have solved their small penis problems. But, we were wrong and made an error in judgement.  We hate to admit it, but we were wrong.  We feel like we’ve let you down but our prior recommendation of the Penomet series was not accurate.  It is no longer the best hydropump on the market.

A new king is in town. There is a new HydroPump brand that provides behemoth-like results: The Bathmate HydroMax Series- a revolutionary new penis enlargement series – conceived by industry experts.

We’ve been blown away by the results. And the competition (we’ve tried them all) is going to be slayed. There’s just no comparison. This is like choosing a Ferrari on the race track versus a Honda – it’s almost unfair how Penomet outpaces the competition.

 This is a penis pump that sets a new standard, and it’s the industry’s first and only certified penis pump.

Do Dick Pumps Really Work?

dick pump reviewsYes. Some are better than others, and some provide more pain than they do results. The idea behind a penis pump is based on a solid scientific foundation that’s been analyzed and inspected time and time again.

Penis pumps force blood into the penis’ many chambers, allowing you to slowly stretch your member.

And, when the blood remains in the penis’ chambers for a few minutes (often 15 minutes at a time), the penis will expand. Your body’s natural adaption causes the penis to adapt to the continuous blood in the penis chambers.

The results? An average of 1” – 3” of penile growth.

And, you’ll also be able to increase your girth.

How to Increase Girth Permanently And Length


Bathmate is different than pumps that use just air to cause a seal between the pump and your groin. Air doesn’t hurt on its own, but when the pressure of a pump is included, it’s uncomfortable – honestly.

The Bathmate HydroMax series uses water so that you don’t suffer through discomfort.

The secret is using water to provide equal pressure within the cylinder to force the blood into your dick. This is done through the pump’s non-return valve, which closes and causes the gaiter to expand. What’s the result? Equal pressure applied to the penis.

And permanent results allow you the confidence of knowing all the effort will pay off.

Averages, and we know you’re not average, allow people to gain:

  • 1” – 3” in length
  • 30% in girth

But you’re not average, so we’re confident you’ll be on the higher end of the spectrum because you are going to take this seriously.

What’s special about Bathmate is that you’ll notice temporary gains immediately. These gains are swelling of the penis, so they’ll be impressive, but they won’t last long – sorry.  Bathmate gains come with extended usage that takes one month to start showing visible results.

Imagine walking around with a longer, thicker penis in the next 30 days.

And the results will continue for months, so keep using the pump until you’re satisfied with what you see.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, to a larger penis.

And Bathmate has a lot to offer every man.

What Bathmate Offers to Every Man

hyrdo pump resultsSolutions. You have a small penis, and you need results. Surgery is horrifying, and pills don’t work that well – we’ve tried. There are a few techniques you can do to stretch the penis, and these work for some men and not others.

It’s a vicious cycle without real help.

But maybe you’re okay with having a smaller penis. Maybe satisfying your partner just enough is good enough for you.

It wasn’t good enough for us.

You have the potential to amplify your sex life and please your partner like never before.

And you know what? 

You have nothing to lose. Sure, you may find that this pump doesn’t work for you, or you might hate the entire process and decide it’s not for you – that’s fine. The manufacturer  offers a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

A 60-day money back guarantee is offered.

No questions asked. No scam. Just your money back. Shipping costs won’t be refunded, but it’s silly to expect a shipping refund anyway.


Award Winning Confidence

Venus Awards granted this penis pump three awards:

  • Best New Product 2015
  • Jury Award 2016
  • Best Male Enhancement Device 2016

This is what two years of real-life testing does for a product – it makes it a winner.


penomet certifications

Bathmate was the first penis pump to enjoy certification. And when every piece of the pump is built to the highest industry standards, it makes sense for the company to go the extra mile to get certified. This is a vote of confidence that the product you’re putting on your penis has been tested.

The company boasts:

  • CE Marking: This is the one and only pump on the planet boasting the CE Mark. This mark indicates that the pump meets EU legislation requirements. The mark also allows the product to move freely (shipping without the hassle) to customers across Europe.
  • SGS Certifications: A certification of the RoHS Class 1 Product, This means that the product has been evaluated, tested and certified in the United States and European Union for silicone compliance. The cylinder has been certified as toxin-free.

You’re not going to find these certifications anywhere else.

What Are Other Bathmate Reviews Saying?

buy bathmate

  • My penis looks bigger than ever!
  • After a year, my penis is a whole 2” bigger.
  • I experienced rapid growth of nearly two inches in just a few months.

And there are dozens of reviews from just this week saying the same thing.

Are Bathmate size gains permanent?

Yes, but you need to use the product for at least a month to start noticing visible results.

If you give it several months, there’s no reason you won’t be able to hit the two-inch growth milestone – other lesser men have seen great results.

Penomet Vs Bathmate

Penomet Vs Bathmate

You knew we were a fan of Penomet in the past (see our original review below), and also of the X4 Labs product but a lot has changed this year. Don’t misunderstand, the product is great, but the new Bathmate series is even better and is the natural evolution in the water pump market.

The results are faster. The comfort is better. The design is better.

What else can we say?

Sure. We can mention that Bathmate is more afforadable.

And the pump isn’t a one-size-fits-all, so it can work up to 11,” which is an unheard of penis size.  Bathmate offers multiple sizes so that you can ensure you start off with the right amount of tension for maximum growth!

It’s clear why the Bathmate is our new king of HydroPumps for 2018.

You can’t beat the price. You can’t argue with the certifications. You can’t argue with numerous size options provided to help you boost your results.

It’s a no-brainer for consumers who want to use a penis pump to have explosive sex – the type of sex that wears your partner out.

We almost forgot to tell you where to buy the Bathmate pump: the official website. Don’t fall for imitations, and don’t waste your money trying to buy from a scammer.

The official site is the only authorized seller of the Bathmate Series.


Bathmate Hydro Pump Results

The Bathmate hydro pump is the leader in the penis pump industry for comfort and lasting results.

Bathmate hydro pump

Testimonials that state “2-inches in growth”, “3-inches in growth” and “she is more satisfied than ever” fill the company’s website and online forums. But the one thing that all of these testimonials fail to tell you – aside from gains – is which product was used.

Was the Bathmate Hydromax x30 used? The Bathmate x40? No one really knows.

This leads to one burning question: “Which Hydromax model is best for you?”

Let’s take a look at a few of the different models offered by the company.

The Bathmate Original

bathmate hercules vs goliath

The Original Lineup

The original – the one that started it all. Before the X-series and Xtreme-series, the original flooded the market and innovated the way people extend their penis. The original was first launched in 2006 and has been sold in over 70 countries around the world.

Over 1 million men have used this product in an effort to increase the size of their member.

The original comes in:

  • Hercules
  • Goliath

Two mythical names every man would be proud to call their penis. The Hercules came first, and this product was meant for the average male (like you and I). But demand grew, and people wanted a bigger, larger pump, which resulted in the Goliath.

The Goliath is meant for men that already have a larger penis, and it includes 30% more capacity. Many adult film actors used this product to prepare themselves for life on the set. And it is an amazing product that is the first-of-its-kind to provide enlargement through a hydropump.

What is a Bathmate?

This is the question you should be asking yourself right now.

What is a hydropump? Why does it matter?

This is the technology that pushes the Bathmate brand above the competition – and it’s evident why it works so well.

Other pumps use air pressure to enlarge your penis. Ouch!

When you place all of this pressure on your penis, you’ll force blood into it and allow it to slowly stretch over time.

But a man’s member is sensitive, and the other air type pumps are quite risky. Bathmate came up with a revolutionary idea – water. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? You’ll be filling the chamber of the Hercules or Goliath (as well as any other products mentioned) with water.

What is a Bathmate Hydro Pump

And it is far more comfortable.

Finally, penis enlargement doesn’t need to be painful.

The results? Bathmate results are averaged across all models. You’ll find that most before and after photos state that the individual had between 1” and 3” gains. Girth increases maximize around the 1” mark for most users.

But you need to remember: results are lasting after using these products for 6 weeks.

Hydromax X-Series

HydroMax X Series

The Full BathMate Hydro Pump Line-Up

The X-Series consists of three different products: X20, X30 and X40. What’s the difference? Size.

All of these products allow for a bigger penis to be inserted for pumping. If you have a large penis, the X40 is recommended. Users with smaller penises will use the X20, while the X30 is right smack in the middle.

This is the next generation pump that provides 35% more power for faster penile gains.

hydromax size guide

A bellows system is used in this model and exerts more power as a result. You’ll be able to reach greater suction levels with much less effort.

And there is a removable comfort pad that allows the seal against the body to be far more comfortable. You can remove the pad for easy cleaning, but it adds so much comfort that it far surpasses the original models.

You’ll also find a superflow latch valve has been included that allows you to easily control the flow of water in the device.

Water will not escape as easily as it did in the past, and it allows you to control the pump with just one hand. The valve also plays a vital role in helping you build up pressure inside of the hydromax.

Now, you’ll experience similar results.

When you use the X-Series or Original, you’ll still find that the results are amazing. But there is a difference (well a few differences, in fact):

  • Price is obviously a concern. The original is cheaper, so it’s great for the first-time user. The X-Series comes at a premium, but it’s far more comfortable.
  • Comfort is always a concern. I will admit that the Bathmate hydro pump is far more comfortable than other pumps, but it’s far from natural – you’ll notice that it is putting pressure on you. The X-Series does aim to remove much of this discomfort, and it works far better.

I will say that the addition of the bellows system allows you to experience size gains faster, but the end results are similar.

And to confuse you even further, there is one more series of Bathmate models available.

Bathmate Xtreme-Series

HydroMax Xtreme Series

Unleash the beast. This is the slogan that Bathmate uses to explain their Xtreme-Series.

This series is slightly different than the X-series, and it does bring about one major improvement that we’ll touch on in a minute. But before we do, you need to know that there are two different models offered:

  • XX30
  • XX40

If you’ve read this far along (thank you), you should already know the difference: size. If you have a bigger or thicker penis, choose the XX40. And for us normal folks, the XX30 should more than suffice.

So, what does this model have to offer?

There is a detachable handball that is included, and a new valve, which is less exciting. The handball is essentially a pump that allows you to easily increase the pressure of the Bathmate hydro pump.

Or you can take the pump off and do it normally.

The Hydromax gives you a lot of different options, and all of them work just great. Aside from these two improvements, there isn’t much of a difference between this model and the X-Series.

This is the best pump on the list, and it will provide similar results to the first two. You’re paying for the added pump (worth the cost) and for a little bit more comfort.

Bathmate Routine for Gains

hyrdo pump resultsGreat – you’ve seen all of the pumps, and you’re imagining a life with an extender on day and night.

The good news is that you don’t have to follow a routine that requires you to wear this device to bed or spend hours hidden away at home while you try to extend your penis size.

That’s not how it works.

Instead, you’ll be following a realistic routine that will allow you to start seeing natural growth over an extended period of time. Don’t worry, you’ll notice a longer length in just 4 – 6 weeks in most cases.

How long are you expected to use this device?

  • Sessions last 15 – 20 minutes
  • Use the device every day or every other day

You can use this device in your bedroom, but it’s truly meant to be used in the shower. Remember, the Hydromax is far superior than the competition because it utilizes water rather than air – and it’s a lot more comfortable, too.

I’ve found that using the Bathmate hydro pump twice per day provided the best results.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that you need to use this extender for 6 weeks after you’ve experienced your desired results. By waiting 6 weeks, you’re ensuring that your member does not go back to its smaller, less-satisfying size.

Now, if you don’t experience satisfactory results, you’ll be happy to know that there is a 60-day money back guarantee.

But I have not had to use this money back guarantee personally. In fact, I feel like I am still using this product on a daily basis, and I am a happy 1.7” bigger in length. I haven’t measured my girth honestly, but I can tell that she is more pleased than ever before.

Your budget is the ultimate deciding factor.

  • If you can spend $100 – $120, choose the original.
  • If you can spend $130 – $200, the X-series is highly

And if you want to go all out and get the absolute best Bathmate that money can buy, you’ll want to go with the Xtreme-Series. Powerful, exceptional performance and the addition of a handball pump will allow you to extend the length of your penis by 2” – 3” – or more.


The game has changed this year and we now recommend the Bathmate As Our #1 Water Based Penis Pump